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How it works? You can promote yourself on There are 3 packages we can offer you to promote yourself. 

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On every page there are 4 places for your banner. There is one in the header and 3 on the right side.

Note: If you choose 2nd or 3rd packace you will have to choose the country you wish your banner to be shown to.

Example: You are from Spain and you are transporter. You will want to put your banner to be the most effective.
  • If you put it on the first page all the world will see you (people from Asia, Australia , Africa ).
  • If you put your banner on 2nd level (2nd package ) then you can choose the country you wish to see your banner. So, if you chose Spain , than everyone (both groups and festivals) from Spain will see you, and THEY ARE YOUR TARGETED CUSTOMERS.
  • If you put your banner on 3rd level (3rd package) and define Spain as your targeted group, then if someone (from Spain for example) makes a search about festivals in Spain or if festival makes a search about groups in Spain , your banner will be there.

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