Allow us to introduce ourselves

Folklore Festivals

is the link between the event organizers and the groups or individuals who would like to take part in the events they organize. If you are one of them search no more, and start experiencing, you are in the right place to make the first step.

Considering the fact that there is lack of quality festival events offer and most of the groups are struggling to find a good quality and trustable festival organization or person who can help them organize the trip, we decided to create and establish a Search engine for all kinds of festival events.

Our vision is to create an online world or festivals where everybody can find what they are searching for in the field of festivals and events. The main goal of Folklore Festivals is to work with trustable and already proven organizations with many years of experience in organizing such events.

The security of every applicant is our number one priority, as well as the whole process of communication and service provided before, during and after the festival. The webpage is an aggregate which has everything that one group needs. Starting from different categories and kinds of festival events, as well as the information field where they can be informed about everything new happening in the world of festivals.