Sunny Beach is a resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast. It’s known for its water sports, sand dunes and nightlife. Its waterfront is lined by a long sandy beach. Inland is a paintball park, a go-kart track, and a water park many slides. The yacht marina at Sveti Vlas is to the northeast. To the south, the town of Nessebar has ancient ruins and an Archaeological Museum with millennia-old pottery and bronze vessels.

General Rules

The INTERFORUMS “NESTIYA – BLACK SEA PEARLS” is looking to promote the identity of each country and the friendship between different nations. It’s looking to present the folklore wealth and traditions of the whole world, also to popularize Bulgarian music and dance arts from all folklore regions; to establish a cultural exchange between institutions and collectives from the country and abroad. In this folklore event can take part ensembles and groups; dancing and vocal groups; soloists and instrumentalists from all over the world. This international event is looking to promote and share the folklore and traditions of different nations to strengthen the friendship and the identity of each country.

The Project contains 3 principal directions:

Educational - The participants will study Bulgarian folklore dances. Also, each country will present dances and music to the other foreign groups.

Festive - Every evening the groups will perform in different Bulgarian Black sea resorts.

Entertainment - beach, games, contests, trips, disco, theatre, sightseeing. The groups have the opportunity to visit different resorts.

The groups are supposed to arrive in Sunny beach on Friday till 14.00 o'clock. There are performances in Sunny Beach and St. Vlas. The departure of the groups will be on Monday after breakfast.

Purposes of our art events are:
To present the folklore wealth and traditions of the whole world. To popularize Bulgarian music and dance arts from all folklore regions. To establish a cultural exchange between institutions and collectives from the country and abroad.

The festival will be performed in two directions:
1. Entertainment program:

- Groups will have 3 or 4 performances at the festival. Each group has to prepare 10-20 min. of a quality
program. Performances are on the open-air stages, wooden and concrete.

-It is not necessary to have live music. It is allowed to perform using CD or flash drive, but it has to be of a good quality recording. – All participants will receive a certificate for participation. – During the concerts, the groups will participate in three competitions “Krishna rachenica”, “Review of costume” and “Miss and Mister festival”

Performances of participants are assessed on a scale. The winners will participate in the ceremony of the GALA CONCERT and will perform the awarded performances at the gala concert. The program of the gala concert will be determined by the director.

AWARDS: – Grand Prix „Nestiya-Black sea pearls 2020′′ – a diploma, a trophy, a plaque; – Big prizes „Nestiya-Black sea pearls 2020′′ in categories; – Diplomas and statuettes for laureates 1, 2, 3 degrees in categories:
1. Dance
2. Folklore Arts
3. Vocal Arts
4. Musical Arts
5. Theatre and art show
For individual categories: special awards. All participants will be awarded with certificates.

Each group should bring a country’s flag.

All groups can sell souvenirs and/or СDs. 6. If the group needs a visa, it is the responsibility of the group to arrange it!

Organizers can only give invitation letter to groups and can’t interfere with the visa issuing process and make extra contacts to embassies.


Each group should pay:
Hostel - 20 Euro per person per day
Hotel **- 25 Euro per person per day
Hotel *** Lux - 30 Euro per person per day

For every 20 persons, one is free.

1. Each group can stay extra days in Sunny beach or come before the date, fixed by the organizing committee as “date of arriving”

2. The organization committee will accommodate the groups in the city of Sunny beach (sleeping, 3 meals a day, medical service, if needed). Groups should inform if there is any special diet or food requirements (vegetarians). The members of the groups should have medical insurance.

3. During the extra days, the groups which come by plane should pay 90 euro per day for bus transportation /if they need a bus/.

4. Each group should pay for an extra day:

Hostel - 20 Euro per person per day
Hotel ** - 25 Euro per person per day
Hotel ***Lux - 30 Euro per person per day


  • 21/08/2020 - 23/08/2020


21/08 - 23/08
  • 3 days (2 nights) = 40 € per person


How to get there

The travel costs to and from the chosen resort should be covered by the participants.

The organization Committee will grant a fuel to each group, which comes with its own bus /fuel will be given for the distance from the chosen resort to the performances’ places or cities/.

For the groups which come by plane, the bus will be reserved and covered by the Festival’s Committee. The bus will be available to participants during the days of concerts and transports them to and from the concert venues. In case the group wants to go to the excursions out of the festival’s cities, should pay 90 euro for bus transportation per day.

The groups which come by plane should pay for the transportation service from the airport (airport in the city of Varna or in the city of Bourgas) to the festival’s city –1 euro per km.

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