Erdek is a municipality and district of Balıkesir Province, Turkey. Located on the Kapıdağ Peninsula, on the north coast of the Gulf of Erdek at the south of the Sea of Marmara, Erdek is a popular domestic holiday destination with several hotels dating back to the 1960s. The surrounding area has a rugged geology and topography with evergreen wooded areas and large olive groves. It is dominated by Mt Dindymus.

In the summer ferries travel from Erdek to Avşa Adası, one of the Marmara Islands in the Sea of Marmara. The harbour overlooks tiny Zeytinlik island where there is a research station devoted to olives.



- The festival fee is 4 Night 185 euro. It covers:

- Organizational expenses
- Accommodation in a Hotel for 4 nights with 2 meals per day. ( Open buffet breakfast, and dinner. )

* The groups will stay in "Helin" Hotel" 3***

*On every 25 participants one member is free of charge

- For double rooms there is a supplement of 10 € per person per day, for single room 20 € per person per day.

PAYMENT: As confirmation of its participation in the festival, a group pays in advance 1000 € (which is not reimbursable in case of declination of participation).
The rest of the amount is to be paid 15 days before the festival or at the group’s arrival to the hotel, according to the agreement


Last application and deposit 15.06.2024


  • 10/07/2024 - 14/07/2024


10/07 - 14/07
  • 5 days (4 nights) = 185 € per person



- Please, send the application form back by email with minimum 6 digital pictures and a short description of your group and videos or links and descriptions of your

- The number of participants are not limited.

- The groups are requested to arrive in on 10 JULY 2024  09:00 and depart on 14 JULY 2024 -10:00, after breakfast.

- Gifts provide for each person is an attendance certificate.

- Each group should bring flags of their countries with them. For gift exchange, each country must bring 3 gifts.

- We will prefer for dance groups with live music but recorded music also acceptable.

-  Pocket money will not be paid to the groups by Festival Committee

- The groups will prepare 5-10 minutes programs. All groups have to prepare minimum 2 different performances


Last application and deposit 15.06.2024

Things to do

1. Kapidag Yarimadasi

Kapıdağ Peninsula is a tombolo in northwestern Anatolia extending into the Sea of Marmara in Balıkesir Province, Turkey.

2. Kirazli Manastiri

Complex consisting of monasteries, churches and building groups at the foot of the mountain known as Didumus Mountain in ancient times . According to the wall technique; It is understood that it is a religious monument used by Greeks in the 19th century

3. Kyzikos

An ancient Greek town in Mysia in Anatolia in the current Balıkesir Province of Turkey. The city was said to have been founded by Pelasgians from Thessaly, according to tradition at the coming of the Argonauts; later it received many colonies from Miletus, allegedly in 756 BC, but its importance began near the end of the Peloponnesian War when the conflict centered on the sea routes connecting Greece to the Black Sea.

4. Batumi Botanical Garden

This sprawling garden north of Batumi is home to nearly 2,000 different plant species.

5. Batumi Old Town

Narrow stone streets and cozy cafes recall the old times before Batumi boomed into the resort city it is today

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