Paris, situated on the river Seine, is the capital and largest city in France. It is one of the most iconic
cities in the world and it is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities, so much so that it has been dubbed the City of Love. Paris offers historical sights, monuments, a pleasant atmosphere, lovely cafés, parks, and museums to satisfy any traveler. A large part of this City of Light, including the River Seine, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is home to some of the greatest old buildings in the world such as Le Tour Eiffel, Notre Dâme, Sacre Coeur, L´Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, the Moulin Rouge or the Hotel des Invalides. With its history and architectural patrimony, Paris is the city everyone wants to see.


The festival price is from 160 euros per person.

Participation and registration fee in the competition per one discipline:

  • 15eur for every participant as a member of a group or collective (5+ persons)
  • 25eur for soloists (solo, duo).
  • For the participants in additional discipline – 10 Euro extra per each discipline for the participant as
    a member of group or collective and 15 Euro extra for soloists.

The price includes:
- 3 nights in a selected Hotel
- Accommodation in double and triple rooms
- Bed and Breakfast basis
- Organizational expenses
- Official Invitation and other supporting documents
- Certificate and Diploma for participation
- Performance at the Gala Concert

Extra / Additional Payment:
- City tax
- Travel and transfers expenses (transport to/from Paris, local transfers, bus parking)
- Travel insurance (the Organization can provide international travel insurance at special rate)
- Extra nights in hotel
- Single room
- Lunch in Paris (the Organization can arrange as per special requests of the participants)
- Optional excursions and tickets to famous attractions (the Organization can support in providing tickets and organizing excursions)

The participants will be accommodated in 3* and 4* hotels in Paris selected areas close to the city center and next to the metro station on a BB basis (bed and breakfast). Hotel rooms are with 2 and 3 beds with their own bathroom. The check-in at the hotel is at 16:00h and the check-out is at 12:00h.

On 25 participants, every 26th participant is free of charge.

It is possible to extend your stay before or after the time of the festival (times stated in the “Invitation  Letter”). In case of early arrival or late stay, all costs must be covered by your group/organization.


  • 28/04/2023 - 01/05/2023


28/04 - 01/05
  • 4 days (3 nights) = 160 € per person


The International Festival & Competition Paris 2023 is a festival/competition event accepting groups who will attend the festival being part of the show, as well as groups, small groups and soloist who will participate at the competition part.

Important points and explanation:
1. The form of the competition part in Paris 2023 will include the presence of a jury who will evaluate the groups and grade them according to the grading system (10 points system) previously presented to all participants. Anyone who wants to attend this part as a spectator can enter the concert hall for free as tickets as free of charge.
2. All jury members are internationally recognized and acknowledged long-year cultural workers, and one of the best in their field in their country. Every member of the jury is carefully selected and obligated to professional evaluation and objective grading of every participant in the competition.
3. Whole organization and logistical support will be provided by the organizer of the event, according to the highest safety and organizational standards.
The organization committee will prepare the whole festival/competition program according to the number of applications received from the participants (latest 2 weeks before the event start)
The organization committee will prepare the competition schedule of performances after the
approval of the jury regarding the age category (kinds, youths, adults) and competition discipline (modern, classic, folk dance)
Every participant needs to prepare the competition performance according to the regulations and time frame while respecting the duration limit they have, predefined by the organization committee and jury members. If the participant exceeds the duration allowed for performance, the jury will be deducting a penalty point(s) from the final results.
4. Each participant will get 2 minutes for soloists and 6 minutes for groups and mini-groups to do their rehearsal and tryouts on the main stage. Additional 3 minutes can be added to the test of the microphones and other technical equipment for groups who will attend the competition part with band/orchestra/musicians.
5. Every participant can choose and decide to be part of one or more competition disciplines and age category (same group, different age category)
6. The organization committee will organize certificate and diploma awarding at the end of the show and competition program, as well as announce the winners in each category separately with stage awarding.

Regulations and info about the groups who want to join:
Who can participate and how it will be categorized according to age and competitive discipline?
The International Festival & Competition Paris 2023 is a festival/competition event in which we accept soloists, small groups, ensembles and big groups in different age categories and competitive disciplines.

The competitive program will be organized in the following age categories:
MINI KIDS – from 5 to 8,99 years
CHILDREN – from 9 to 12,99 years
JUNIORS – from 13 to 15,99 years
YOUTHS – from 16 to 18 years
ADULTS – from 19 years to 27,99 years
SENIOR ADULTS – from 28 up to 49,99 years
VETERANS – from 50 years and older

Rules, conditions and competitive disciplines for participating at the competition part of Paris 2023:
1. FOLK DANCE/CHOREOGRAPHY (folk, style folklore, traditional dances)
2. MODERN DANCE / ART (modern free dance, ballet, modern, hip hop, tap dance, break dance, sport dance etc.)
3. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC (classical, folk, jazz, contemporary, modern, pop, etc.)
– Solo, small forms (duets), ensembles (trio, quartet, etc.), bands and orchestras.
Participants in the competitive discipline “INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC” should prepare a 7 minutes program consisting of two musical compositions.
4. SINGING/VOCAL (choir singing, classic singing, folk-pop singing, modern songs)
Note: Participants in the SINGING/VOCAL category in with specific performance format which
include dancing and singing at the same time, should respect the competition program and duration limit of 6 minutes and prepare program in accordance with the rules and conditions.
All participants in the competitive discipline SINGING/VOCAL which will take part in the
competition singing should prepare program with duration as follows:
- Singing formations, choir, small singing groups – up to 6 minutes
- Solo and duo (couples) –up to 5 minutes
Every participant in this category should prepare and present a minimum of one and a maximum of five crafts/artworks (wood work art, paintings, ceramics or any other type of craft/art work). All of the craft artworks must be original and crafted by the participant itself, signed by the author including the age of the author/participant as well.

What about the technical requirements and needs to attend the festival/competition in Paris 2023?
1. Every audio recording should be in high or at least normal audio quality, recorded in MP3, Wav and MP4 formats. The festival organization will accept disc in format CD recording. The festival committee and jury will not take responsibility for a bad sound quality after the sound check and rehearsal took part. The program and schedule of performances will be revised and confirmed by the organization committee and technical staff, according to the needs and preferences of the participants.
2. The participants in the SINGING part must perform live (minus). Voice overs and play back is forbidden.
3. Every participant must respect the time duration of their performance predefined in advance, and if the time is exceeded, the organizer has the right to stop the performance and calculate a penalty point in the final calculation.

Evaluation criteria and grading of the competitive performance program:
The skills of the participants will be evaluated and graded by the official jury of the vent, in each competitive discipline as well as age category in accordance with the grading system (10 points)
10.00 points -- Gran Prix
9 - 10 points – Laureate of the I Grade
8 - 8.9 points – Laureate of the II Grade
7 - 7.9 points – Laureate of the III Grade
6 - 6.9 points – Attendant

Criteria for evaluation and grading in the discipline INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC
- Showed skills and overall knowledge of playing the instrument;
- Originality, musicality, and original sense interpretation & playing the instrument
- The choice of the interpretation difficulty considering the age of the performer

Criteria for evaluation and grading in the discipline VOCAL/SINGING
– Quality of Vocal
– Range of Vocal
- Sense of rhythm
– Choice of the repertoire and its compliance with the age and capabilities of the performer;
– Stage behavior and audience reaction
– Skills
- ability to use the microphone

Criteria for evaluation in the discipline MODERN DANCE/ART:
– Performers technique and skills presented on the stage (dance movement and positioning,
difficulty of the moves and signature moves)
– Knowledge of the performance (rhythm, lining, timing, footwork, posture of performers, etc.)
– Body and face expression (body language and communication with audience);

Criteria for evaluation in the discipline FOLKL DANCE/CHOREOGRAPHY
- Originality of the folklore as well as the dress, history and story of for the origin
– Presentation of folk rituals and traditions during performance
– Originality of the choreography and whole stage performance

Criteria for evaluation of works in the discipline SHOWCASE PRESENTATION OF CRAFT WORK
– Skill and technique and time spent in crafting the works
– Originality of the works and their story

Awarding and gift ceremony:
The jury will count the points and results will be summed up by the end of all competitive performances in Paris, after which the organization will award diplomas and medals for participation to the participants.
Then the jury will announce their final decision and subjective opinion for each discipline where will be awarded the following titles:
Laureate of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, and attendant and as well the winner of the Grand Prix award.
Groups, Ensembles, and formations with 5+ members will receive the big trophy from the festival committee as well as the diploma with the title, while soloists and duets receive one small trophy from the festival and a diploma for attendance.
The winner of the competition part of the Paris event will receive the Grand Prix of the festival and Diploma Grand Prix. Grand Prix is awarded only by the jury!
All the other participants of the festival/competition part receive a diploma and certificate for attendance.

The transportation to Paris should be organized by the participants itself. The participants coming with their own bus, the parking costs are covered by the group according to the prices of the parking spot. In case of arrival by plane, the Organization can provide pick-up and drop-off services. The costs should be
covered by the participants.

The Organization can create a tailor-made program for a group, according to its necessities, including
also excursions or extra lunches/dinners in the Hotel or other restaurants.

Things to do

1. Disneyland Park 
Be transported to a world that inspires the imagination, where wonder and
enchantment fill the air all year round. It’s magic time!
- Duration: all day
- Note: get in touch with us for skip the line tickets

2. Palace of Versailles and the Gardens  
Discovering Five Centuries of History, listed for the past 30 years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palace of Versailles is one of the most visited cultural sites in the world today.
- Duration: 4 hours
- Note: get in touch with us for skip the line tickets

3. River Cruise Seine
Don't spend your vacation waiting around. See the magnificent sights of Paris, from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame Cathedral from the water...Gliding under one bridge to another with a view of the finest monuments, enjoy an hour's relaxation in the heart of bustling Paris.
- Duration: 1 hour
- Note: get in touch with us for skip-the-line tickets

4. Louvre Museum  
The Louvre is the world's largest museum and houses one of the most impressive art collections in history. The magnificent, baroque-style palace and museum — LeMusée du Louvre in French — sits along the banks of the Seine River in Paris. It is one of the city's biggest tourist attractions.
- Duration: 2 - 3 hours
- Note: get in touch with us for skip-the-line tickets

5. Climb on the Eiffel Tower 
It's been the symbol of France and Paris for decades and one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. Climb to the top and enjoy the magnificent view of Paris.
- Duration: 2 - 3 hours
- Note: get in touch with us for skip the line tickets

6. Visit the Montparnasse Observation Deck 
Want to see everything in Paris from one spot? Searching for an incredible panoramic view overlooking the Eiffel Tower and all the other iconic monuments in Paris? Located right in the city centre, the Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck gives you a unique, breathtaking view by day or by night.
- Duration: 2 - 3 hours
- Note: get in touch with us for skip-the-line tickets

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