Zakopane is a resort town in southern Poland, at the base of the Tatras Mountains. It’s a popular departure point for winter sports and summertime mountain climbing and hiking. Kasprowy Wierch and Gubałówka, reachable by cable car and funicular, are nearby ski destinations offering sweeping mountain views. The town is also known for its turn-of-the-20th-century wooden chalets, symbols of Zakopane-style architecture.

General Rules

For participation in the International Art Festival - Competition "Krakow Treasures" talented children, youth and adults according to age groups are invited.

To participate in the competition program, participants submit two works or compositions in accordance with the nomination and genre.

If necessary, participants can change the competitive works or compositions, but no later than 5 days before the festival-competition start by notifying the organizers of the festival (email). On the festival-competition day, changes to the entries are not allowed.

Festival program


Arrival of participants / teams, settlement, technical meeting of leaders, meeting with the organizers and the jury.  

Excursion along the Zakopane central Krupowki Street.

In addition, we offer:

Climbing the funicular to Gubalowka Mount, where you can enjoy the Tatra Mountains panorama.

Cost: approx. 19 zloty (5 euros).




Grand opening of the festival-competition.

Beginning of the competitive performances.

The plein air of artists. The plein air theme: "Snowy Tatras".

Discussion of competitive performances with the jury of the festival.

Gala concert and awarding on the stage of the Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz Theater.

Free time.




Free time.

On free time, participants can visit:

Zakopane Aqua Park.

Chocholowska Thermal Baths.



Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel.

Departure home.


All participants are awarded with diplomas and gifts.

Winners of the competition - special laureate diplomas, special awards and gifts from sponsors.


Vocal art (soloists, duets, ensembles):

Genre - pop vocal

Genre - folk vocal

Genre - academic vocal

Genre - jazz vocal

Choreographic art (soloists, duets, small forms, groups):

Genre - the dances of the world's peoples

Genre - folk styling

Genre - classical choreography

Genre - modern pop dance

Genre - street dance show (performances based on hip-hop, disco, jazz-funk, techno)

Genre - modern dance (modern, jazz-modern, contemporary)

Genre - ballroom choreography.

Original art (soloists, duets, ensembles):

Genre - fine art

Genre - art reading

Genre - variety miniatures

Genre - fashion theaters and modeling agencies

Genre - instrumental music

Genre - circus.

Age categories:

Preparatory 3-5 years

I group 6-8 years

II group 9-11 years

III group 12-14 years

IV group 15-17 years

V group 18-26 years

VI group - adults

Competition jury:

  • Competitive program is evaluated by a professional multidisciplinary international jury. Based on the results of the jury’s marks calculation, the participant’s rating is compiled and places are allocated: 1st, 2nd, 3rd - in each nomination in accordance with all genres and age groups.
  • Final jury composition is approved by the organizers 7 days before the festival
  • Juri reserves the right to change the program and performances
  • The jury's decision is issued in the protocols and it is final.

Requirements for participants:

To participate in the festival-competition program, two works or two compositions are submitted, up to 4 minutes for each. Special attention is paid to the musical accompaniment quality;

Vocal art:

  • participant presents 2 compositions on his or her choice
  • compositions are performed in the original language: to the soundtracks -1, or a`cappella
  • special attention is paid to the correspondence of the composition to the genre and age of the performer, as well as it presentation.
  • Backing vocal is allowed only for soloists, in case it is not the main theme.

There is no soloists category in the pop vocals, circus art genres.

Choreographic art:

  • participant presents 1 or 2 performances in the nomination on his or her choice
  • the age group is determined by the participants majority (discrepancy cannot exceed 30%)
  • special attention is paid to correspondence of performance to the age and technique of the participant.

Original Art:

  • Circus studios pupils, theater groups and other creative associations that have performance in such technique as acrobatics, plastic studies, balancing, antipode, rubber, juggling, clowning, etc. (all types, except for numbers in the air and with fire).
  • Artistic reading and pop miniatures. Preference is given to world classics reading (prose, poetry, excerpts from the play). Special attention is paid to the conformity of the performance manner to the genre and the age of the contestants.
  • Fashion theaters and modeling agencies. Theaters, studios, modeling agencies, children's fashion associations of school and extracurricular institutions, cultural institutions and other departmental affiliations. One or two collections of up to 8 minutes have to be displayed.

Instrumental music competition. Following musical instruments is allowed: violin, cello, button accordion, accordion, balalaika, domra, guitar, piano, wind and other musical instruments.

Fine art:

  • the plein air theme “Nikolai through the children eyes”
  • free technique, the duration of the plein air - 1 DAY
  • Own materials and sketchbook from participants: gouache, watercolor, pencil.
  • The size of the drawing should not exceed 50 x 70 cm. On the back of the work the information should be provided: participant, educational institution, job title, performance technique.
  • exhibition of works that participants bring with them: separate FREE Evaluation


  • Creative imagination - conformity with style, originality, artistic value, ethnographic accuracy, originality, theme disclosure, imagery, quality of musical material
  • Emotionality , artistry - brightness of performance, artistic impression and expressiveness
  • Performance technique - manner of performance, artistic embodiment, intonated ia, integrity of the composition
  • Shape - suit matching, design, modernity, innovation and creativity, silhouettes of forms and color scheme, artistic design, props.


Cost of the events

175 euros

19+1 FOR FREE!

The price includes:

Accommodation in hotel  (2 nights or 3 nights)

2 meals per day, starting with a dinner on arrival day, ending with a breakfast on the day of departure from Zakopane

Zakopane city tour with a qualified guided

International Phone Card for managers for easy communication with the organizers

Valuable gifts from organizers

Festival fee (participation with 2 competition numbers)

The price does not include:

Optional excursions; entry tickets; personal expenses

Visa issuance

Participation in one more competition number (15 euros / participant)


  • 12/01/2020 - 15/01/2020


12/01 - 15/01
  • 4 days (3 nights) = 175 € per person


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