International Festival Art-Folk Fest Summer will be held in the Georgian cities of Batumi and Kobuleti. The two cities are located right at the Black Sea coast and are of growing interest to tourists from all over the world.
The Festival is organized by the Culture and Arts Development Union Art-Folk and is supported by the International Dance Council under the UNESCO (CID); Ministry of sports, culture and youth affairs of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara; Georgian Union of Choreographers; Chamber of Culture of Georgia; Institute of Culture; Newspaper of the Georgian Choreographers Union – Georgian Choreography.


EURO 200 - 10 days – hotel accommodation (3 and 4-bed rooms), meals 3 times a day; all in-country transportation;

EURO 250 - 10 days – 2 start hotel accommodation (2, 3, 4-bed rooms), meals 3 times a day; all in-country transportation;

EURO 350 - 10 days – 3-star hotel accommodation (2, 3-bed rooms), meals 3 times a day; all in-country transportation;

EURO 400-450 - 10 days – 5-star hotel accommodation (2, 3-bed rooms), meals 3 times a day; all in-country transportation;

Note: accommodation will be located in the City of Kobuleti; hotels will be specified after the type and level of the hotel will be chosen by each participating group.

Important: Every 16th participant of a Festival participant group is free from the Festival fee;


  • 20/06/2022 - 29/06/2022


20/06 - 29/06
  • 10 days (9 nights) = 200 € per person


Festival Participants: Folklore groups from different countries of the world and different regions of Georgia (ages not limited) take part in the Festival.

Participation Conditions: Participants present two shows (3-5 minutes each) in the following nominations: folklore dances, folklore songs (ensembles and individual); modern dances and songs; folklore handcraft arts (exhibitions). In the final conclusive concert, participating artists will present only one show. Music can be live or phonogram. With the application Festival, participants submit their program (audio, video files of their previous shows,
materials necessary to be published in the newspaper and Festival booklet). Festival participants will be awarded the Festival Laureate Diplomas and different presents.

Festival Agenda: The Final Agenda of the Festival will be finalized one month ahead of the Festival.

Deadline for submitting applications: 15/05/2022

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