The city of Sakarya, one of the most important cities in Turkey for its rapid growth and development, is also attention worthy for its natural beauties and cultural richness.

It is one of the paradise-like spots of the country with its sea, beaches, lakes, rivers, highlands, thermal springs along with traditional Ottoman lifestyle districts such as Taraklı and Geyve, and historical relics inherited from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras that are worth witnessing.

General Rules

The members of the Folk Dance Groups should be between (09-14) ages.
The total number of the groups can be 30 people at most, including drivers, adults and leader (05) persons. If the group uses live music the adults number can not be more then (8)persons . ( In case of a large number, each person over this limit will be charged  with 150 Euro for the whole stay.)
Dance shows can be played CDs; but, live music would be accepted. Repertoires should be prepared for 3, 5, 10, 15 minutes.
Dancers show will be played both in open and in door.
FoIk dance .Moreover, they are supposed to bring photographs CDs, posters, to present of their own groups. Two national flags.
At the delegation visits (Governor, Mayer, etc.) gifts will be given reciprocally; so the groups may bring a lot of presents. (At Least 08 Presents)
The groups must obey the festival rules . If any group breaks the festival rules or unexceptional behaviors that supposed to turn back their countries.
Groups should arrive in our city on the ( 20 th of April/ 2020 between the hours 13.00-18.00.
Groups will leave from our city on the 25 th of April/ 2020 at 11 o'clock.
Problems related with healthy Person and technical matters for buses are in the responsibility of
the participants
If the groups come by boat or plane the group pay 500 € for transfer İstanbul to Sakarya return.


The dancers will stay at our host-families (ONE OR TWO ) and the adults will stay at (RAMADA
HOTEL) www.ramadasakarya.com )( 02 or 03) beds in a room. If any adult wants a single room they pay 150 euros extra total along the festival.

They will not spend extra money for food expenses.

Program will be held and the participants will be introduced to the local media,tv.

In their free times, participants may walk around the city and shopping; they may go to picnic.

If any groups want to visit Istanbul ferry tour (Bosfor tour) 25 /April join ( the money will be paid by the group)


  • 20/04/2020 - 25/04/2020


20/04 - 25/04
  • 6 days (5 nights) = FREE


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