Moscow, on the Moskva River in western Russia, is the nation’s cosmopolitan capital. In its historic core is the Kremlin, a complex that’s home to the president and tsarist treasures in the Armoury. Outside its walls is Red Square, Russia's symbolic center. It's home to Lenin’s Mausoleum, the State Historical Museum's comprehensive collection and St. Basil’s Cathedral, known for its colorful, onion-shaped domes.

General Rules

Soloists, duets, ensembles from 6 to 35 years can take part. All participants perform one Dance accompanied by a phonogram.
Contemporary choreography (modern, jazz, ballet, contemporary)
Street dancing {break dance, hip-hop, Street dancing, Disco dancing}
Sport Dance {Ballroom Dance, Caribbean Dance - Salsa, Bachata, Meringue, Rock and Roll}
Folklore dances {Irish Step, belly dance, Bollywood dance, Flamenco Caucasian dances, dances of the peoples of the world} divided into the following age groups: 6-12,13-18,19 -35 years.

The total music time is up to 4 minutes.


a) the main prize — Grand Prix, which is going to be won by the contestant with the highest score (common for each age groups and genres);
b) special prize – Cup of World Association of Performing Arts;
c) 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd prizes and laureate awards of 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd degree
d) 4 th , 5 th , 6 th prizes and diplomas awards of 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd degree
e) prizes and awards by organizers of international festivals and supporters

Performances by contestants, there professionalism, originality and stage presentation will be marked by the international Jury within a scale between 6 to 10 points. Jury’s decision is final and indisputable. The Chairman of the Jury has the final vote to choose the prize-winner in case more than one participant will score the same amount of points.
Performances for the final Gala concert are selected by the Jury and organizers. Their decision is final and indisputable.

If two or more participants have the same number of points, the places may be divided.

Organizers of the contest have a right to take photos, videos during the contest, as well as, distribute audio, video and photo material of the contest.
Leaders are responsible for health and safety of their students.
Submission of the application signifies agreement to the regulations.
Contestants arrive at their own expense. Let us know if you require a transfer from the airport and back.
All matters not mentioned in the Regulation will be resolved with the contest organizers.
The organizers reserve the right to change the rules of the contest.
In case of any change in the program will occur, the organizers will inform participants no later than
one week prior to the competition.


The cost of one participant in the group is 25 eur
Accommodation 3 nights in a hotel with breakfast - 100 euros per 1 person.


  • 28/03/2020 - 31/03/2020


28/03 - 31/03
  • 4 days (3 nights) = 100 € per person


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