Primorsko is famous for its graceful arcing ten-kilometer sandy beach, the longest and prettiest on the coast. The resort is a haven for youth and working Bulgarians who flock here in droves to avail themselves of the numerous trade union rest homes, hostels, student dorms and campgrounds. Under communism, Primorsko was the site of the Georgi Dimitrov International Youth Resort Center (Mezdunaroden Mladezhki Tsentur, or MMC) which annually attracted thousands of communist youth from around the world who, fittingly, camped out in huge communal tents. While the centre of Primorsko is an overbuilt urbanlike sprawl, the MMC and nearby areas on the water are pleasant. If you happen to find cemeteries picturesque, there is an especially peaceful plot perched on the top of the bluff overlooking Primosko`s beach.

General Rules

The festival is included in the cultural program of the town of Primorsko and is conducted with the courtesy of the municipality. In addition to creating a festive mood, our goal is: to attract young people to empathy for the preservation of customs, customs, customs, ancient traditions, cultural heritage that preserves our identity in the European family; give a chance to a significant number of children and young people and contribute to increasing their motivation to engage in constructive creative activity as a preventive measure in combating vicious addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, etc.) and aggression; Exchange of creative information and development of achievements in given dance styles and musical strands.

All dancing groups studying folk, amateur and unrestricted age can participate in the festival.

In the contest, the groups participate with three authentic people from different ethnographic areas within 10 minutes. The musical accompaniment can be live and / or external (FLSH, HD) or CD.

The week of the dance will pass in two stages:

  • Contest for Bulgarian Groups "ORO SE VIE NA SBORO", and
  • Joint concerts with groups from abroad.

The performance of the groups in the concert program is lengthy depending on the number of teams. It is recommended that the teams have a prepared program lasting no less than 15 minutes.


1. style and character of the people;
2. Authenticity of people;
3. Artistry, spirituality and attractiveness in the performance of the people;
4. Choreographic works and original compositions will only be encouraged in the concert program.

The composition of the jury, together with the chairman, is determined by the organizing committee of the festival.

It is formed by proven cultural and art specialists:

  • directors, balletmasters, choreographers, artists, singers and pedagogues.

The jury has the right:

  • not to award all prizes;
  • to divide the awards among the participants;
  • to award special prizes and incentives.

It is also possible to establish special prizes such as:

  • "For the most attractive performance";
  • "For Choreography";
  • "For the youngest performer";
  • "For masterfully executed";
  • "For mass performance" and so on.

The festival is held on the territory of Primorsko Municipality.
Concert appearances take place on open stages of the World Stage Eurograde.
The program includes meetings with the municipal administration.
Before the start of the concerts, the teams defile on the main streets of the city.
Video and photo shootings of all public appearances of the teams are broadcasted on the WSE World Wide Web. (The organizers reserve the right to any kind of documenting, broadcasting, filming and distribution of the material without paying any rights or damages.)
Participants using original music are required to provide organizers with copyright statements with authors or with a collective body.
The program of the festival organizes: Discotheque, Neptunova Even, Miss and Mister, Flashmob and Master Classes.
The individual programs for participation in the festival are given to the teams on the day of their arrival.
The organizers reserve the right to change them in an objective necessity after their service.


The accommodation of the teams, as well as the food / breakfast, lunch, dinner / during the festival is provided in the town of Kiten, Park Hotel "Atliman Beach", category two stars.
It is allowed to accommodate other hotels of different category under other financial conditions. In this case the participation in the festival events takes place after paying a participation fee.

Package price for 7 full board / overnight, breakfast, lunch, dinner / and festival fee per participant.

The tourist tax is paid on site after registration of the reception - 0.25 eur. per day.

The hotel has paid parking. Price per day - 3 eur.

Every 21 paid a festival fee, one manager uses a free space.

The price includes accommodation at the „Park Hotel Atliman Beach “:
- Full board with 3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner according to the “buffet” system.
- 9 % VAT
- Transfer during programs from and to the stage and the hotel.
- Rehearsal room

Price does not include:
- Resort fee for each person per day, which is 0.60 € per day.
- Transfer to the hotel and back.


  • 18/08/2020 - 25/08/2020


18/08 - 25/08
  • 8 days (7 nights) = 160 € per person


How to get there

The transportation costs to the hotel and vice versa are at the expense of the participants.
Upon accommodation in another hotel other than the one specified in the Regulation, a participation fee of EUR 10 per person is payable.

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