Rimini is the principal and most populous center of the Romagna Riviera. Summer resort of international renown, extends for 15 km along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, boasts a long tourist tradition, it was in fact on the beach of Rimini that in 1843 the first bathing establishment in Italy was inaugurated.

A colony founded in fact by the Romans, Rimini is a group of many cultural realities that start from the
ancient Romans and reach the present day, guaranteeing a continuous updating of the territory.
Rimini is like a small treasure chest in which all festival participants can experience unforgettable days of art, culture, entertainment and leisure. The long Adriatic coast will certainly be a new discovery and a good chance to fully experience the colorful Italy.

General Rules

21.05. – Arrival of ensemble at hotel, accomodation...Info- appointment...Tour and introduction to the most popular summer resort in Italy, walking, swimming, tour of Rimini, his beautiful sun beaches, the city... Return to hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay. Possibility of departure to some of many discoteques in Rimini.

22.05. – Breakfast. Festival day ! Preparing for Defile. Defile thru the City of Rimini.
Perform of cultural-art societies. Receiving of certificates and Plaquas.
Dinner. Facultative: Discoteque. Overnight stay.

23.05. – Breakfast. Facultative half day tour to San Marino, on arrival follows a tour of this oldest republic in the world: monument of Garibaldi, Porta San Francesco, Square of freedom… Return to Rimini.
Dinner. Facultative: mutually– friendly night at Discoteque… Overnight stay.

24.05. – Breakfast. After breakfast departure of ensemble on facultative tour to Venice, Verona, Padova or Treiste…Return to the point of departure… With another meeting next year!


Price of registration fee is 85 Euro.

The arrangment price includes:
- Hotel accomodation with three stars Hotel“s like Oceanic ***, Faber ***, 2000 ***, Corona***, Cosmos***, Fantasy ***, Christian ***, Gallasia ***, Brooklyn***, ... in Rimini based on 3 half board service: breakfast and dinner in 1/3 and 1/4 rooms
- Organization expenses
- Degrees
- Program leading
- Professional assistance
- Inviting letter
- Additional seat on every 25 member

The arrangment price doesn't include:
- Tourist tax for hotel in Rimini from 1 e – 2 e depend of Hotel category per person per day
- Facultative tours (tour of San Marino 7 €, 3-4 € with own bus ),Venice 18 € ( 12 € with own bus ), Bologna 3-4 € ( with own bus) Diskoteque 6 – 8 €, - the price of tour depends exclusively on number of interested to some of the tours
- Additional day ( half board ) is 20 euro per person
- Visa and insurance (for cultural-art societies visas are free with inviting letter which gets every ensemble from Italian cultural-art society which also takes part in this manifestation)


  • 21/05/2020 - 24/05/2020


21/05 - 24/05
  • 4 days (3 nights) = 85 € per person


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