Marmaris - the crossroad of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas part of the Mediterranean sea between neighbors Turkey and Greece in the Aegean sea. this is how the two neighbors refer to the part of the Mediterranean between them. the Aegean sea is connected to the black sea by çanakkale and İstanbul straits. A frequently asked question; “Where is the beginning and end of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas?”.

Marmaris is just one of those places that can boast about anything, fine beaches, excellent sailing, adventure sports, top-class restaurants, intense nightlife with world-class discos & nightclubs, sumptuous local wines, and Mediterranean sunshine. Not to mention history. There can be few places on earth with such historic beauty. There are lots of great day out attractions and many beautiful sights to visit and see in Marmaris.

General Rules

During the festival, the groups will perform their dances, sing songs, participate in the activities, and
introduce their own cultures. They will visit the historic and touristic places of the beautiful region and
make new friends with the world youths.

Participating conditions are:

a) Each country can participate with one group per category. (folk dance, modern dance, choir, majorettes, orchestra)
b) The group should be in Muğla -Marmaris on 17 May 2021 and the departure date is 22 May 2021 after breakfast.
c) The number of groups not limited to one person, including the manager, leader musicians, drivers, and dancers. The age of dancers is not limited in the participant group.


  • Rooms are for 3 & 4 people.
    - Only 2 Double room will give for group leaders(or drivers)
    - If members want to stay double room, they have paid 10 Euro/person/day extra, if there will be any single room the group must pay 13 Euro/person/day.

Participation fee:

  • Hotel 3*** 115EUR for 4 nights stay & 130EUR for 5 nights stay
  • Hotel 4**** 135EUR for 4nights stay and 155EUR for 5 nights stay

Deadline for application 15 March 2021.


  • 27/08/2020 - 31/08/2020


27/08 - 31/08
  • 6 days (5 nights) = 125 € per person


How to get there

Marmaris has a Dalaman Airport. This airport using just national and international flights(Limited Country). If the group will come by plane they can fly to Istanbul and there will be 2 options; flight to Dalaman or using the bus from Istanbul to Marmaris. Between Istanbul to Marmaris nearly 8 hours by bus.

- If the group will arrive by plane at Dalaman Airport, the transfer (Airport-Hotel, Hotel-Airport, transfer during the festival) will be 900 Euro. It will be organized by a committee

Things to do

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