Summer seaside fun goes hand in hand with high culture in Pesaro, Le Marche’s second-largest city. It’s not an immediately attractive place, but look beyond the concrete high-rise hotels and crowds of bronzed holidaymakers jostling for beach space in August and you'll find a lot to like. Its setting is perfect, with beaches of fine golden sand fringing the Adriatic and a backdrop of undulating hills, and it has a handsome historic centre of Liberty-style villas and Renaissance palazzi.

General Rules

The first international vocal-choral and instrumental creativity festival-contest “Città della Musica” is held
with the aim of introducing talented participants to programs of international cooperation, popularizing
academic genres, developing friendly creative relations between artists of different genres and age, acquaintance with the culture of other countries, in particular with the musical heritage of the greatest
composer Gioacchino Rossini, born in Pesaro.


Category: Solo, Duet
- academic vocal.
Category: Ensemble, choir.
- academic, national, chamber, variety.

Category: solo, collectives

Instrumental music:
Category: Solo, duets, small groups (3-5 participants), ensemble up to 10 people.
-classical music (any musical instruments)
-modern music (any musical instruments) folk music (any musical instruments)

Age categories for all nominations:
 Junior A - up to 9 years old
 Junior B - 9-12 years old
 Junior S - 13-15 years old
 Senior A - 16-19 years old
 Senior B- 20-28 years old
 Senior С- from 29 and over
 Mix F - mixed category (in case more than 30% of the team members do not match the chosen age) category.

Profi - teachers and professional musicians, performers and collectives of professional institutions of culture and arts.

Age categories:
Senior А- 20-28 years old
Senior В- from 29 and over

Vocal solo, duets: The choice of works for performance is free. Only 2 works.

The total performance time is up to 8 minutes, including exit, departure from the stage and pause between works. The piano is provided for accompaniment. Other musical instruments can be used. The use of phonograms and microphones is forbidden.
Vocal ensembles:
The competition performance of the ensemble must consist of 2 or 3 works, one of them has to be
performed a-cappella. The total playing time should not exceed 12 minutes.
Vocal choirs:
The competition performance of the choir must consist of 2 or 3 pieces, one of them has to be performed
a-cappella. Phonograms or accompaniment of the instrument can be used. The total playing time should
not exceed 12 minutes.
The competition performance of the group must consist of 2 numbers. The total playing time should not
exceed 10 minutes. Only 1 number is allowed. The use of phonograms and microphones is forbidden.
Instrumental music:
Participants prepare for the competition 2 different works or one detailed work with a total duration of
sound for trio, quartet, quintet, ensemble - no more than 15 minutes, for soloists, duets - no more than 10
minutes. It is not allowed to exceed the time specified.
The competition organizers furnish the partecipants with the piano and music stands, if they are necessary.
Other musical instruments , if needed, the partecipants have to bring themselves and they have to pay for
their transportation.


20.02 Arrival of participants. Accommodation. Meeting of the group leaders with the organizers.
21.02 Competition day.
22.02 Optional excursions. Awarding ceremony, summing up the results of the competition.
23. 02 Carnival in Fano. Gala dinner.
24.02 Facultative excursion to Venice to assist to the famous Carnival.
Carnival in Italy is one of the most felt events and attract thousands of people. Among the most
important is the carnival in Fano, in the Marche region, not far from Pesaro. Carnival in Fano is one of the oldest in Italy.


The performances of the participants are evaluated by very professional jury members, leading experts in
the genres of choral art, instrumental music and academic vocals, distinguished cultural workers, folk
artists, and producers. The decision of the jury is not discussed and is not subject to review. By decision of the judges, duplication of prizes according to the results of the competition is allowed. The jury has the
right to award not at all prizes, the Grand Prix may not be awarded.
The final result is the sum of the points given by the jury:
Grand Prix - 30 points
Laureate I - 27-29 points, Laureate II - 24-26 points, Laureate III - 21-23 points
Diploma I - 18-20 points, Diploma II - 15-17 points, Diploma III - 12-14 points

According to the results of the competition, the participants are awarded:
• Grand Prix of the competition “Città della Musica” with diploma and cup.
• The title of “Laureate” and “Diplomato” of I, II, III degrees in each category with a diploma and a cup.
• Teachers who prepared the winners of the competition and the best accompanists, by decision of the
JURY, are awarded with thanks letters.


Creative groups and individual performers can take part in the competition. A participant (soloist,
collective) has the right to participate in several nominations and categories with the provision of a
separate application form for each nomination and category.



The price include:
- Accommodation in 3* hotels 5 days/4 nights . 3-4 bed rooms
- Treatment: breakfast and dinner
- Festival /Competition fee
- Entrance ticket to Fano Carnival.

The price doesn’t include:
- transportation
- excursions to San Marino, Venice, Bologna,
- Soloist nomination in duet category and small
groups + 25 евро,
- Participation to a further nomination +15 euro
- Accommodation in 1-2 bed rooms
- lunches from 8 euro per person per day

For a group of 20 people + 1 free leader.


  • 20/02/2020 - 24/02/2020


20/02 - 24/02
  • 5 days (4 nights) = 190 € per person


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