Isparta is a city in western Turkey and the capital of Isparta Province. The city's population was 222,556 in 2010 and its elevation is 1035 m. It is known as the "City of Roses". Isparta is well-connected to other parts of Turkey via roads. Antalya lies 130 km to the south and Eskişehir is 350 km to the north


The Groups will stay at high-quality hostel 2 and 3 -4 beds a room and inside the bathroom. 3 meals daily.

Participation fee is 50 euro per person.

The groups are requested to arrive in İSPARTA on 01 JUNE 2023 - 10:00 and depart on 05 JUNE 2023 - 12:00, after breakfast.


  • 01/06/2023 - 05/06/2023


01/06 - 05/06
  • 5 days (4 nights) = 50 € per person


Gifts provided for each person are an attendance festival hat, t-shirt, and certificate.

Each group should bring flags of their countries and 4 gifts with them.

The festival organizer will pick you up at Antalya, Ankara, or İstanbul Airport. They will provide airport transfer.

Who will come by bus, the festival organizer will give 250 lt diesel.

Pocket money will not be paid to the groups by Festival Committee.

The groups will prepare 6-8 minutes programs. All
groups have to prepare minimum of 2 different performances.

Last application and deposit 15.03.2023

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