Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. With a population of about 425,000, it is one of the smaller capitals of Europe but still the country's largest city. The greater metropolitan area is home to more than 650,000 people. Bratislava is in southwestern Slovakia, occupying both banks of the River Danube and the left bank of the River Morava. Bordering Austria and Hungary, it is the only national capital that borders two sovereign states. The city's history has been strongly influenced by people of different nations and religions, namely (in alphabetical order) Austrians, Bulgarians, Croats, Czechs, Germans, Hungarians, Jews, Serbs, and Slovaks. It was the coronation site and legislative center of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1536 to 1783 and has been home to many Slovak, Hungarian, and German historical figures.

Bratislava is the political, cultural, and economic center of Slovakia. It is the seat of the Slovak president, the parliament, and the Slovak Executive. It has several universities, and many museums, theatres, galleries, and other cultural and educational institutions. Many of Slovakia's large businesses and financial institutions have headquarters there.

General Rules

International Folklore festival Moonlight in Bratislava
No limit on the number of participants.
No age limit.
Available one program per group, with the maximum timing of 15 minutes per group. Number
of the choreographies is not limited to the time limit of 15 minutes.

Festival Program

1st day - 21st August
14:00 Arrival in Bratislava. Accommodation in
the selected accommodation unit.
19:00 Dinner
Free time for individual activities.

2nd Day - 22nd August
07:30 Breakfast
09:00 Briefing with the organizers and the
other participating ensembles.
10:00 Optional Sightseeing Tour of Bratislava
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Gathering of the groups. Defile.
19:30 Opening ceremony of the festival.
Performances of the groups (The detailed
program of the festival and the order of
appearances will be submitted to the groups
on their arrival)
The closing ceremony of the festival, plaque and
diploma award, exchange of the presents
between the groups and the organizers. End of
the festival.

3rd day - 23 August
07:30 Breakfast
10:00 Optional excursion to Vienna, city
19:00 Dinner
21:30 Goodbye Party in the tavern with the
live music (Optional)

4th day - 24th August
07:30 Breakfast12:00 Departure of the groups. End of service

The deadline for the application is 60 days before the beginning of the festival.


Price includes:
Accommodation in hotel in base HB / breakfast and dinner / Participation of the festival
Plaque, Souvenirs, diploma, photo, DVD

Price does not include:
Optional excursions, night outs, parties, sightseeing, bus parking fee (where
required), foreigner city tax (where required, for the participants above 14. Y.o.
excluded the group leaders and drivers)
Insurance for passengers. Other individual costs of the participants.

Supplement for the extension of stay: 30 € per day per person 3***
Hotel Supplement for the double room 5€ per day/per person
Supplement for the single room 17€ Per day/Per person.


  • 21/08/2021 - 24/08/2021


21/08 - 24/08
  • 4 days (3 nights) = 99 € per person


How to get there

You can arrive on the spot by plane or private bus transportation.
If needed the organizer can provide bus transportation and other transportation services.

Things to do

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