Lake Balaton - The “Hungarian Sea”, is the people’s name for the 50-mile long lake with silky green-yellow water in the middle of Transdanubia. Lake Balaton is one of Hungary’s most precious treasures and most frequented resorts. It is also the largest lake in Central
The region lying west of Lake Balaton occupies a unique place on the map of Hungary. Being part of an important region from the point of view of tourism, that of Balaton, it is a favorite destination for both Hungarian and foreign tourists. As for its climate, it is a pleasant place, it may have the most predictable climatic character, and rarely do we have unsettled weather. As for the features of the terrain – it is Hungary on a small scale as tourists can find here gentle hills, extended flat plains, rivers, lakes.
The West-Balaton region offering so many pleasant features, it is easy and fast to get to the right spots, as all the traffic routes lead to the places where the curious visitor can find everything that interests him. House with a verandah; it is interesting that all rooms open on the verandah and there is a free chimney in the kitchen. The furniture of the house shows the lifestyle of a wealthy peasant. The exhibition of the House of Regional Traditions is completed by the collection of ethnography. From the look-out the tower on Kőhegy you can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Balaton and the local vineyards. The nearly 3 km long continuous grassy free beach on the lakeshore with a wonderful panorama attracts many visitors. The safety of the bathers is guaranteed by the free medical service and a rescue team. In the peak season, a free playing house is available for children. Parking is free in the whole territory of the village.

Keszthely, a city of grand townhouses perched at the very western end of Lake Balaton is hands-down one of the loveliest spots to stay, far removed from the tourist
hot spots on the lake. You can dip in its small, shallow beaches by day, absorb its lively yet relaxed ambiance by night and get a dose of culture by popping into its
handful of museums and admiring its historical buildings. Whatever you do, don’t miss the Festetics Palace, a lavish baroque home fit for royalty.


Youth Hostel: 90 € euro/person, 4 bedded rooms, shared bathroom
200m from the city center and the local beach
(Additional day can be booked for 28 €/person/day)
3*** Hotels: Hotel Abbázia: 139 €/person ( https://clubdobogomajor.hu/hotel/english/ )
Free wellness and spa
2-4 bedded rooms, supplement for a single room is 20 €/person/day
An additional day can be booked for 46 €/person/day
Hunguest Hotel Helios: 149 €/person (https://www.hunguesthotels.hu/en/hotel/heviz/hunguest_hotel_helios/)
Free wellness and spa
2 bedded rooms, supplement for a single room is 15 €/person/day
An additional day can be booked for 49 €/person/day

Participation includes:
Participation in the festival concerts (2 performances)
Diplomas, gifts
Organization expenses
Free entry to the local Balaton beach ( https://west-balaton.hu/keszthely/keszthely- strand/varosi-strand-keszthely )
Free entry St. Ivan’s night

The participation fee does not include:
Optional programs
Tourist tax: 2 €/person/day, payment on the spot at the accommodation

The full participation fee should be paid in advance before the start of the festival.


  • 25/06/2021 - 28/06/2021


25/06 - 28/06
  • 4 days (3 nights) = 90 € per person



Folklore groups, orchestras, majorettes, modern dance groups, music bands from all
over the world
The number of participants is not limited
No age limits
The number of seats is limited!


1st day - 25th June
Afternoon arrival at the Hotel, meeting with group leaders and festival organizers, discussing the programs of the next days.
Dinner in the Hotel.

2nd day - 26th June
After breakfast optional program, boat trip on the Lake Balaton

Afternoon pleasant time on the beach or visiting one of the main sights of Keszthely, like the gorgeous Festetics Palace, the Pethő House, Synagogue, Gothic parish church, Georgikon Grange museum, Balatoni Museum, Helikon memorial, or any other fascinating place in Keszthely. Climbing the Castle or SzigligetCatle.
Dinner. Performance at the main square of Keszthely
Free time, enjoying the night out at one of the open-air bars of terraces of Keszthely.

3rd day - 27th June
After breakfast optional program, sunbathing and swimming in the Lake Balaton wine-tasting, have a nice walk on the Pedestrian Street, or just enjoying the Lake Side Area and the Pier, visit the Doll Museum, Surber’s Museum of Automatic Musical Instruments and Phonographs, the Historical Panopticon, Georgikon Farm History Museum, or have a fun trip with the Sightseeing Nostalgia Train
Dinner, Performance at the Music Pavilion, gala concert, receiving the diplomas
and gifts
Free time, enjoying the night out at one of the open-air bars of terraces of

4th day - 28th June
Breakfast, departure of the participants

Application deadline: 15 December 2020

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