We need visa, what should we do?

Depending on the festival you want to visit, there might be a need for visa issuance for entering the country which will be requested from you while passing the border and passport control.


For citizens of every country in the European Union and the countries which are part of the Schengen Agreement, there is no need of Visa issuing while traveling in the European Union and the countries who accepted the above mentioned Schengen Agreement.

On the other hand, every citizen of the European Union who wants to visit festivals and travel in countries which are not part of the agreement, they need to be aware of the entry requirements and rules of the country they are planning to visit.

For citizens outside of the European Union and the Schengen area, who will be visiting a festival, a Visa is required.

Every group or individual coming from a country for which visas are required to be issued for visiting a certain country, need to be capable of issuing Visa documents in order to receive help from our organization in the procedure of issuing the visa documents.

In order to help you, we make an agreement and cooperate with serious and trusted organizations who are obligated to provide an official invitation letter document which will be signed from the organization itself, a person from the city supporter of the festival as responsible for inviting the group and some some other authorized person or institution if there is one.

According to our previous experience the chances of successful visa issuing and higher if the procedure is started 4 months before the scheduled start date of the event the group or individual wants to visit. Therefore our organization has made a decision to provide help and assistance to the applicants who will submit their application form at least 3 months before the start of the event they want to visit, and start the visa procedure immediately.

For the procedure to be started the required documents are a list of person(s) who will be part of the trip, copy(scanned) of their passports or travel documents, as well boarding ticket if the group is traveling by plane or any kind of document who will confirm the transportation type and its coverage. Every traveler must have an valid international insurance (if you don’t have one, please ask us how we can help you get)

After the procedure starts we will carefully monitor the process and take further steps according to the situation. If the documents are not submitted on time and the embassy in which the group(individuals) are applying for visa reject the documents and refuse to issue the visa documents, the application will automatically be canceled.

Every procedure regarding the issuance of Visas are state policy of the certain country, and they cannot be changed or impacted in any way.