According to Herodotus, in the time of the Ionian Revolt (499 BC), the Cappadocians were reported as occupying a region from Mount Taurus to the vicinity of the Euxine (Black Sea). Cappadocia, in this sense, was bounded in the south by the chain of the Taurus Mountains that separate it from Cilicia to the east by the upper Euphrates, to the north by Pontus, and to the west by Lycaonia and eastern Galatia.

The name, traditionally used in Christian sources throughout history, continues in use as an international tourism concept to define a region of exceptional natural wonders, in particular characterized by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage.


The Groups will stay at the hotel (https://www.suhankapadokya.com) 5 stars hotel.

The festival fee is 4 nights 5 days 155 euro per person. 5 night 6 days 185 Euro. It covers organizational expenses, accommodation in a hotel for 4 nights with 2 meals per day. ( Open buffet breakfast, and dinner (Free non-alcohol drink ).

On every 25 participants, one member is free of charge.

For double rooms, there is a supplement of 5 € per person per day, for single room 15 € per person per day.


  • 05/08/2021 - 09/08/2021


05/08 - 09/08
  • 5 days (4 nights) = 155 € per person
  • 6 days (5 nights) = 185 € per person


The number of participants is not limited.

Participants' age is not limited.

The groups are requested to arrive in Cappadocia on 05 AUGUST 2021 - 12:00 and depart on 09 AUGUST 2021 - 12:00, after breakfast.

Gifts provide for each person is an attendance certificate.

Each group should bring flags of their countries with them.

We will prefer dance groups with live music but recorded music also acceptable.

Pocket money will not be paid to the groups by Festival Committee.

The groups will prepare 5-10 minutes programs. All groups have to prepare a minimum of 2 different performances.

The application deadline is  15.07.2021.

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