DİDİM – City of Light
ALTINKUM – In Didim which harbors some of the cleanest and virgin bays of the Aegean Sea, Altınkum Beach holds a distinguished status. This beach of about one and a half kilometers identifies with Didim, which identifies with the concept of the holiday. Named after its golden sands, Altınkum is the precious necklace of the Agean. It is originally the source of tourism in
Didim and still, the heart of Didim and still, the heart of Didim tourism beat there.

BEACHES OF DIDIM – Didim has a coastal line of 55 kilometers, suitable for swimming at every single spot. This fascinating land embracing the Agean, with its unique climate and almost no humidity has always been an attraction for people to live in throughout the centuries.
Frequenters of the Agean meet with the crystal clear waters in the dozens of bays of this coast full of secret beauties. Holiday in Didim is equivalent to sand and sea.

APOLLON TEMPLE – At the heart of the Didim peninsula is the radiant temple, named after the god of light Apollo. According to mythology, God Apollo comes across the shepherdBranchus in Didyma and bestows him the power of prophecy. Branches establish the first shrine in the name of Apollo at the spot of sacred spring, which still can be seen today. The Apollo Temple was administered for many years by the family of Branchidae, Descendents of Branches.

MİLET – an ancient city of Miletos, 20 kilometers from Didim, was one of the leading members of the Panionion, a religious and political union founded by the 12 Ionian cities.


One day - 20 euro per person, hotel, breakfast, and dinner open buffet.

The accommodation is in rooms with 2-3-4 beds, each with its own bathroom:

http://www.hotelmeryemana.com/ https://hotelgranddidyma.com.tr/


  • 22/06/2022 - 27/06/2022


22/06 - 27/06
  • 1 days (0 nights) = 20 € per person


The festival is international and ensembles from all around the world can take part in it.

The Main Purpose of The Festival is to bring different cultures closer, through dances, music, and interesting national costumes. The Participants will have a possibility to meet new people, make new friendships relationships and also see the beauties of our town Didim.

The idea of the festival is to develop new forms of communication in the international dialogue and international cooperation in the future.

- The number of dancers is no limited
- 40+1 will be hosted free of charge
- The age of the participants is age limit +14
- Groups should have prepared performance 5-10 minutes each on playback or with instruments.
- To bring a flag of the country, and also to send some pictures of the group along with the application.
- Provided appropriate gifts for the participants.
- Diplomas for participation in the Festival.
- Guider from arrival to departure.
- Protocol Visits (Governor, Mayor, Chamber of Commerce president)
- After the festival finishes, the festival's organizer will send you a DVD of the festival program for each group and photos.


Personal responsibility and health insurance are within the other obligations of the groups. First aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be covered by the group.

The organizer reserves the right to change the festival program.

Each group after the arrival in the Hotel will be given a more detailed program of the festival.

The Application Deadline is till 15 April 2022.

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