Free accommodation, food and some participation fee to the various dance groups who will visit us and also we would give them free city tours and showcase some program about our Indian Traditional Culture.

We have already hosted many International events like recently we organized the International Diplomat Meet where we have invited ambassadors and diplomats of more than 14 countries.


  • 26/02/2022 - 27/02/2022


26/02 - 27/02
  • 2 days (1 nights) = FREE


We would like to organize the International Folk Festival on our campus where we could showcase the diversity of different cultures at our campus. We will
have an audience of more than 10,000 and huge media coverage and also our digital marketing and branding team is expert enough to publish this festival at
various social media channels etc.

Conditions to Participate
1. For dance group there is a limit of 7 to 15 minutes per group
2. There should not be any vulgarity of unethical words to be used in
singing/dancing etc.
3. For singing (Both solo and group) time limit is 5 to 8 minutes per performance.
4. Participants has to arrange their own dresses
5. Age limit 18 to 45 years
6. The entry is free, there is no registration fee.
7. The event will be happening physically in the campus in India and we give free accommodation, free food and free city tours, and a free session about Indian
culture but the flight's cost is to be borne by the dance groups or they have to arrange.
8. The event will be for 2 days probably in the 3 rd week of February.

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